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2015 | Champion Heifer

BreedLotAgentBreedLot TypeAnimal IdentAnimal NameVendor PurchaserNotePrice
Simmental 1Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 0299AC0008 GLEN ANTHONY CANDID AC08 A H THOMPSON M & N Entwisle $2400
Simmental 2Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 0299AC0006 GLEN ANTHONY CAMEO AC06 A H THOMPSON M Malmo $3200
Angus 3Q RLL AngusHeifer 13136114995 FLORIDALE HANNAH 995 Jane Jenkins $-
Simmental 4Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1614AC0010 LEAFLAND C10 withdrawn $-
Angus 5Q PGG AngusHeifer 20480114C8 GLADSTONE PAOLA C8 Maungaraki Cattle Co J Davies $2700
Simmental 6Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1558AC0018 RUAVIEW HOLLY AC18 J & H Hammond $-
Shorthorn 7Q PGG ShorthornHeifer 211114022 TAHUNA CLIFF MASCOT 14022 Timothy Plummer R & Bielski $2500
Hereford 8Q PGG HerefordHeifer 1451141316 ANRIC GANGSTER PEARL 1316 D & A Middleton M & A Langtry $2700
Hereford 9Q PGG HerefordHeifer 1451141317 ANRIC ULTIMATE 1317 D & A Middleton Awhea Stud $1500
Simmental 10Q RLL SimmentalHeifer 1614AC0011 LEAFLAND C11 E & M Strauss $-
Simmental 11Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1696AC0036 MAUNGARAKI BILLOW C36 Maungaraki Cattle Co $-
Simmental 12Q RLL SimmentalHeifer 1690AC0022 GOLD CREEK NERINE TW Sanson M & N Entwisle $2700
Angus 13Q PGG AngusHeifer 18681114076 FOSSIL CREEK FREDERIKA K076 G Sanderson D Harnett $2500
Simmental 14Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1667AC0141 KERRAH C141 Knauf Family J Hammond $2900
Simmental 15Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1312AC0413 GLENSIDE COCO CHANEL C413 Glenside Simmentals E & Strauss $3000
Charolais 16Q PGG CharolaisHeifer 900140020E RAURIKI JASMINE J20 S & W Collin $-
Simmental 17Q PGG SimmentalHeifer 1667AC0212 KERRAH C212 Knauf Family Glenside Farm $2000