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2012 | Champion Heifer

BreedLotAgentBreedLot TypeAnimal IdentAnimal NameVendor PurchaserNotePrice
Hereford 1Q PGG Hereford 1297110413 WILLOWSPRING L.A.TWIGGY 413 MR G J PETERS passed in $-
Angus 2Q RLL Angus 13136111739 FLORIDALE ELAINE JANE E JENKINS Ray Moss L`stock $3000
Angus 3Q RLL Angus 13136111741 FLORIDALE ELIZA JANE E JENKINS Mark Stevens $4600
Angus 4Q PGG Angus 13516111403 KAYJAY ANGEL 403 KAY JAY ANGUS Pickering Farming $8500
South Devon 6Q PGG South Devon TLL11015 P LOCH LOMOND TEDS TINA THOMSON B J PG&LG Robertson $2200
Angus 7Q RLL Angus 19621111131 OAKVIEW RUBY 131 HAYWARD A R & P A passed in $-
Charolais 8Q PGG Charolais 762110003E NOUVELLE GLAMOUR G3 MIKKELSEN PARTNERSHIP JR Jebson $3000
Angus 9Q PGG Angus 20480111Z13 GLADSTONE OMIT Z13 (ET) MAUNGARAKI CATTLE CO Motere Stn $4000
Angus 10Q RLL Angus 18938111G15 WAITAWHETA GEM G15 SHARPE A I & P A FE Cameron $4000
Shorthorn 11Q PGG Shorthorn 211111005 TAHUNA IRISH PRINCESS 1105 TIMOTHY PLUMMER JR Jebson $3700
Angus 12Q PGG Angus 19621111141 OAKVIEW 141 HAYWARD A R & P A Red Oak Stud $3500
Murray Grey 13Q RLL Murray Grey 829110116 OAKVIEW POPPY 116 M/S AR & PA HAYWARD Mangaotea Stud $2700
South Devon 14Q PGG South Devon LJH11022 P WOODAH S.HELEN 11/022 HOLT L J LTD Aschwood Ltd $1500
Hereford 15Q PGG Hereford 989110001 AWHEA DUCHESS 001 MR M R & MRS L L LANGTRY IP Mathieson $3000
Angus 16Q PGG Angus 19944111G104 GOLDWYN G104 GOLDWYN ANGUS LTD RB&SC Haywood $4200
Hereford 17Q PGG Hereford 421110023 WESTHOLM MISS MELODY M23 WESTHOLM STUD IP Mathieson $3000
Shorthorn 18Q PGG Shorthorn 227711037 BRIGADOON DUCHY 137 J & L DOBSON JR Jebson $2500
Simmental 19Q PGG Simmental 1667AZ0150 KERRAH ZOE Z150 KNAUF FAMILY Glenside Farm $3200
Simmental 20Q PGG Simmental 1312AZ0116 GLENSIDE Z116 GLENSIDE SIMMENTALS R&S Deacon $4500
Simmental 22Q PGG Simmental 1667AZ0260 KERRAH ZARA Z260 (ET) KNAUF FAMILY Cal Neal Farm $2500
Angus 23Q PGG Angus 1868111172 FOSSIL CREEK PRIDE 72-11 FOSSIL CREEK FARM Lymar Farms $4000
Charolais 24Q PGG Charolais 900110017E RAURIKI GAMMON G17 SFH AND WF COLLIN withdrawn $-