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2012 | South Devon

BreedLotAgent Lot TypeAnimal IdentAnimal NameVendor PurchaserNotePrice
South Devon 69 PGG   TLL10009 P LOCH LOMOND SAM THOMSON B J GJ&MLE Osborne $3500
South Devon 70 RLL   VAN10004 P BURTERGILL HENRY 1004 VAN ASCH A E BD&AE Speedy P`ship $5000
South Devon 71 PGG   LJH10022 P WOODAH LOCKHINAR 1022 HOLT L J LTD Tainui Group $7000
South Devon 73 PGG   OSK10012 P OKAHARAU HARRY F12 ROSS AND CORRINE KEARNEY Karamu P`Ship $7000
South Devon 74 PGG   OSK10036 P OKAHARAU HARRY F36 ROSS AND CORRINE KEARNEY Tainui Group $3500
South Devon 75 PGG   BCB10007 P COOMBE PARK HERO 13 HOSKIN P BD&AE Speedy P`ship $3200
South Devon 77 PGG   BCB10013 P COOMBE PARK QUEST 7 HOSKIN P IR&WM Carter $3200
South Devon 80 PGG   RWD10024 P ROSEWOOD LOTTO 24 EAGLE K P passed in $-