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2013 | Charolais

BreedLotAgent Lot TypeAnimal IdentAnimal NameVendor PurchaserNotePrice
Charolais 95 PGG  Male 484110002E WHANANAKI GIRO G2 FJ Bull $5000
Charolais 96 PGG  Male 682110005E FOREST VIEW GAVIN $-
Charolais 97 RLL  Male 915110005E STONEHENGE GWILLIM G5 Rini Trust $5800
Charolais 98 PGG  Male 682110023E FOREST VIEW GRIFFITH $-
Charolais 99 PGG  Male 471110010E KAITOKE GRAPHIC G10 $-
Charolais 100 PGG  Male 900110004E RAURIKI GADAAFI G4 $-
Charolais 101 PGG  Male 762110005E NOUVELLE GENERAL G5 $-
Charolais 102 PGG  Male 471110021E KAITOKE GUINESS G21 M Will $5200
Charolais 103 RLL  Male 915110021E STONEHENGE GRAPHIC G21 Rini Trust $3800
Charolais 104 PGG  Male 900110023E RAURIKI GAVASKER G23 Grant Enterprises $4500
Charolais 105 PGG  Female 682120034E FOREST VIEW HOPEFUL L&A Reed Family Trust $1300
Charolais 106 PGG  Female 682120052E FOREST VIEW HONOR L&A Reed Family Trust $1000
Charolais 107 PGG  Female 682120054E FOREST VIEW HIGHLIGHT Rowan Sandford $1400
Charolais 108 PGG  Female 682120013E FOREST VIEW HEIDI Rowan Sandford $1200